Schack Art Center
2:00 PM14:00

Schack Art Center

As we all look for ways to be better stewards of the environment, the artists participating in Saving the Environment: Sustainable Art are turning to junk stores, second-hand shops, trash bins and surplus venues to satisfy their urge to create and save our beautiful planet. 

The result is an amazing selection of whimsical, sculptural and contemplative artwork for this "trashy" exhibit. Lamps and clocks made from corrugated cardboard, baskets, hats, purses and life-size people made from plastic bags, masks and sculptures from old typewriters, and much more.

Though these artists come from widely diverse backgrounds, they all share a common bond: they take throwaways and transform them into objects of renewed beauty, utility and meaning. Each of them sees potential where others only see useless junk.

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